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What is Boudoir? | Wilmington, NC Boudoir Photography

If you've been following Popoca Boudoir for any amount of time, you'll notice we talk a lot about Boudoir and we provide you with lots of information on how to prep for a shoot, but we don't often explain what exactly Boudoir is and what it means.


Boudoir: French word for woman's dressing room, bedroom, or private sitting room


So it makes sense that a boudoir photo shoot is typically thought of as a sexy photoshoot. Clients wear sexy outfits - lingerie, stockings, undergarments, dresses, etc. It doesn’t always have to be like that though!

Personally, when I think of a boudoir shoot, I think of it more as capturing this chapter of your life while also pumping your confidence. While you may believe only wearing sexy clothing helps you build confidence, that’s not always the case.

Many women choose to wear everyday items of clothing (i.e.- a tank or tee, a fitted button-down shirt, a robe, a jersey, etc.) that represents her personality. We welcome your creative input and remember, you are part of your styling team too!

Even though you may choose to do a shoot for a significant other (birthday gift, wedding present, anniversary, etc.), it typically ends up being a gift for you more so in the long run. Sessions do SO MUCH to lift you up and give you back a sense of self, and a refreshed feeling of confidence. Your partner will look lovingly at the images too, but the true feeling of transformation will only be felt by you, our client, and the subject of the images. Most of my clients have shared that booking a shoot initially brought on feelings of anxiety, but ended up being a huge self esteem builder for them.

I have a way with women, and with cameras - it is my area of expertise. I see you in a way that, unfortunately, you may rarely see yourself. It's not magic - it is being willing to be vulnerable enough to put yourself out there to let someone show you a different, mind blowing perspective. And my job is to help get you there.

You never know where that newfound confidence will take you!


Let's Talk About It!

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