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Boudoir Guide | Wilmington, NC Boudoir Photography

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

I had a boudoir session last month. That's right, my very own session where I sat on the other side of the camera! There are many reasons why I wanted to do this, but one huge reason was so I could feel and live every moment that you ladies go through when looking for your own boudoir photographer.

It may seem strange, but with Boudoir you are getting up close and personal with your photographer. Wouldn't it be nice to know as much as possible about everything involved? Well this blog is here to help! I know you are probably looking me up on social media, getting scared, checking out my website, digging into reviews, getting excited, reading posts, looking up ideas, and getting the sweats. Trust me, I did exactly all of these things when I was searching for the best photographer for me, too! And I found her in Karla Mason. I even drove 5 hours to VA for the occasion.

I'm glad that you're doing your research. It shows that you appreciate this art form and what it stands for. It means you are wanting an experience that means something and provides you with photos to look back on when you're frail and gray. And, it helps you become more comfortable with the process. Even if you decide I'm not the photographer for you, I still want to help guide you to making the right decision. Comfort is key when finding someone to photo you in your skivvies. There are so many things that go into a Boudoir Session. So if you're just looking for someone to snap a few pics and give you a couple digital files for cheap, you won't find that here, but I'm happy to refer you to someone that can probably help you with that! Amazing portraits take time, preparation, and trust. And after all that, I promise you will love them too much to only want a couple digitals.

implied nude redhead boudoir curvy girl
Tasteful, beautiful, and timeless implied nude

So I'm going to be sharing client stories, providing tips and helpful info, and leaving you with so much Boudoir information that your beautiful head will spin. So keep on creepin' my stuff, that's what it's there for!



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