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Getting Spicy with A | Wilmington, NC Boudoir Photoshoot

When this vixen came to see me, she had been searching for just the right photographer to celebrate a 15 year anniversary! She wanted to get a little spicy to make it extra special with a strappy outfit and a couple "props".

A's hairdresser was helping her search and when my name came up, she loved my style and we set up a time to meet and talk about all the details for her dream Boudoir photoshoot. It was a perfect match!

BEFORE HER SHOOT: "I'm a ball of nerves but I'm also super excited..."


I offer wardrobe assistance with every session so if you ever need help along the way, I'm right there! A definitely utilized this option because she wanted her looks to be as "sexy as possible" so finding the right lingerie was super important to her.

I can't show the sexiest outfit that she added or the wet set, but red always brings the heat and her black lingerie and props were just....well see for yourself:

What are some of your own favorite physical features?

My eyes are my favorite feature

Please describe why you are drawn to our style or favorite images from our portfolio

I love the classic beauty look and all of the ways you make the best features stick out.


Vanessa is AMAZING! From the moment I walked in for my photo shoot I felt at ease. She knows how to make you feel beautiful and poses you in sexy ways you never thought of! When I saw my photos I thought "that isn't me!" I've never felt more beautiful than I did with this experience! If you're considering a boudoir experience, Popoca Boudoir is definitely the BEST!!!


Ready to create your steamy gift?

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