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Moms Are Sexy, Too | Wilmington, NC Boudoir Before & After

When this beauty first inquired, she told me her husband LOVED her body, but after having kids things just didn't look the same. And she couldn't help but be insecure about her mom bod.

So many mothers say the same thing when they come for their session, and often need assistance in finding outfits that are supportive and flattering for their new figure. Together we came up with looks to give her plenty of support where she wanted it while showing off her stunning eyes and their FAVORITE sports team!

Being a mom doesn't mean you're not still sexy! In fact, it means that you deserve a session even more because you're taking care of your regular responsibilities while also trying to raise little humans. And while it's natural and ok to not love your body all the time, seeing yourself from another perspective with a Boudoir photoshoot can really help you become a lot more positive about yourself than you were before. It's all part of the process!

Before Her Shoot: I am not my own biggest fan when it comes to my physical appearance.


After Her Shoot: The photos turned out more amazing than I could’ve imagined and this smokin’ mama is proud of what she’s got.


Let Wilmington's Top Boudoir Photographer Flatter Your Mom Bod

You'll Be Blown Away!

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