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Pampering a Stay at Home Momma | Wilmington, NC Boudoir Photography

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Having your first baby can (and probably will) consume every minute of your every day. As much as you adore your new little nugget of joy, being a full time stay at home mom can take up all of your energy and exhaust you. You can try to sneak in a little "you" time when baby naps, but is it ever really enough? Nah, not really.

This beautiful mom not only had her new baby to care for, but was in the middle of a move and had a wedding to plan! Just typing all that out exhausted me, I can only imagine how she felt. Even though she lived nearby, it was hard for her to get away so we could talk details. We got on a video call and she told me how she wanted to create an amazing and unique gift for her groom. She also wanted to feel beautiful again after her body became something she didn't recognize anymore. This babe had ideas (we created a whole shower scene just for her), but with everything going on in her life she decided it wasn't possible to pull off.

Sometimes though, when great ideas won't leave your head, your priorities begin to shift. Ten days later, I get a text that she's ready to book!

Tell me about an average day in your life. Stay at home mom life :)

What made you decide to have a Boudoir session? Needed a Wedding gift for hubby that would blow his mind!

side boob, white sheets, engagement ring, boudoir

Had you ever done anything like this before? No

What was your biggest fear before your shoot? I just wanted them to turn out perfectly, so it’s a lot of pressure to get your head in the game and check everything off the list of to-do’s

Now that you've had your session, what surprising takeaway did you leave with? This was super fun and I wish more women had the opportunity to do things like this for themselves

What would you say to someone who was on the fence about having a session? It’s incredibly empowering, don’t miss out on the opportunity

Anything else you'd like to add? Thank you so much for being willing to experiment with me and for making this experience so much fun! You are the best of the best.


Ready to experience it for yourself?

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