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How to Glow Up | Wimington, NC Boudoir Photography

"Glow Up; a positive personal transformation, typically one involving significant changes in appearance and style and often also growth in confidence and maturity" (

When a woman has to go through the process of ending a relationship, that can be a huge trigger for a glow up because what happens afterwards can be so magical. Suddenly, she craves a change and often will want to try something new. You know that bucket list you have? ✅ Oh yea, she's checking all those off, including that Boudoir photoshoot because now she is living life for HER!

Ms. C knew exactly what she wanted coming into her shoot. This was something she had been thinking about for a long time. And after going through such a difficult period where she was starting a new chapter, she also knew that it was time for her session.

She came locked and loaded with ideas, including an outdoor woodsy look! Although I have a process and poses curated specifically for each client, when there are special requests I try to incorporate them into your session as well with that Popoca Boudoir flair. Every client gets a customized Boudoir shoot and we'll go over everything you have in mind at our initial meeting.

Hello World! Make some room for the spicy Ms. C!!

Here are a few from her beach/woods/classic session


The first step can be a little scary, but this is my area of expertise and I've got you!

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