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Before & After Boudoir Transformations | Wilmington, NC Boudoir Photography

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

If you're looking at Boudoir photos and trying to decide if you're able to have a shoot of your own, the answer is YES! Every woman you see on my site and social media is a real life person with no experience whatsoever. We don't plaster our portfolio with models b/c this is an experience for the everyday woman who needs help finding that inner babe that wants to come out.

Below are a few of our lovely clients from all different paths of life. They all had their reasons for wanting an amazing Boudoir experience (and every reason is amazing) and I'm touched that they are willing to share some words about their sessions.


Everyday: Athlete, surgeon, mother, wife

Reason for Shoot: Always wanted as gift for herself and hubby

In Her Words: "Any insecurities I had were not even a thought after seeing the results. I never felt as sexy as Vanessa made me feel and look! Money comes and goes.... this experience and photos are a life time. A true priceless beauty you never realized you held within yourself. Every minute was amazing and I completely want to personally thank Vanessa and Adrianne .... you showed me the real beautiful and sexy side of me."


Everyday: Student, Veteran, Caregiver

Reason for Shoot: 25th birthday gift to herself

In Her Words: "You will thank yourself later if you do this! You’ll leave feeling like everything you do is beautiful, I believe I took a video of myself eating a chunk of cheese and couldn’t help but think 'Damn I’m beautiful'. Just go for it, don’t go crazy in the gym cuz you have to “be thin” in order to do this. Let Vanessa capture you, she will damn near fall over to get shots you’ll fall in love with.


Everyday: Student, Server, Entrepreneur

Reason for Shoot: Struggled with body image and confidence her whole life

In Her Words: "I look at those pictures now and I wanna show people because I DID THAT. Vanessa helped me do that. She was so comforting and I forgot I was even in my underwear!

The experience has changed my mindset in so many areas of my life. My whole perception of myself has just changed so if you can get that just from taking pictures, why not?"


Are you ready for a transformation of your own?

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