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Why Experience Matters | Wilmington, NC Boudoir Photography

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

While different people value different things when it comes to photography, this guide might be able to help you decide what type of photographer would be the right fit for you. While all the photos below are lovely, there are some differences that stand out between the two when you're comparing them. Let's look closer:

I have a client, Ms. F, who recently finished her Boudoir session. She'll be turning 50 this year and she wanted to remember the way she is right now. Ms. F told me her daughter had gotten photos done for her wedding and it inspired her to have a session of her own.

At the reveal, she was absolutely in love and so proud of her images that she bought them all! But when her daughter saw Ms. F's photos, she wanted to do a new session. She hadn't paid much for her photos and although she did like the images, she could see a difference between the two shoots. In fact, she told me that her daughter's session was very rushed, in a strange shooting area, and the whole experience only lasted 45 minutes!

Imagine walking in to a stranger's space with other people around. You know you'll be stripping down for some intimate portraits. Before you know it, the whole shoot is over and you still feel nervous and unsure about what just happened as you walk out the door. Did those other people see me in my underwear? Was that even enough time to get some decent pictures? Will I look as nervous as I'm feeling right now?

When you're worrying about things like that, how can you really enjoy your experience? It's possible her photographer was just starting out. Here are some ways to tell if someone is new to the game or has been at it for awhile.

What you're seeing in these photos are the following:

  • Winging It vs Being Guided: With the client on the left, the photographer was a newbie and wasn't quite sure on the best way to bring out the curves. On the right, a couple little tweaks were made to really show off the shape of her body.

  • Rushing vs. Taking Our Time: The shoot on the left lasted about an hour. And that's all it was, just a photoshoot that was planned on the fly. Small details would have given different results. The sessions on the right were a whole experience lasting 4 hours, including pampering hair and makeup! Those false lashes really make the eyes pop more.

  • Uncertainty vs. Comfort: The client on the left side wasn't sure what to do as far as posing, facial expressions and where to put her hands. The photographer really didn't know either. The clients on the right had guidance and direction the entire time. They even watched as the photographer did the pose first so they knew exactly what to do and their hands always had a job.

  • Little Experience vs. Years of Experience: Everyone has to start somewhere, it's true. That's why when you're shopping around you're not exactly just paying for the paper your images are printed on, but the years of experience behind it. Becoming an expert takes a lot of practice, education and knowledge that doesn't just happen overnight.

Now it's time for a truth bomb. These photos were all taken by me. I took the photos on the left straight out of college and it was one of my first Boudoir sessions ever! These images accurately depict amateur vs. pro photography. Because when I first started shooting 13 years ago, I really had no idea what I was doing, but I did the best I could with what I had and what I knew. All my clients have loved their images over the years and I was happy to be able to give them beautiful images of themselves. I'm forever grateful to anyone who trusts me with their Boudoir portraits and am happy to keep offering better and better work. As my experience grew, my business grew with it and I can offer more ways to make a session special for each babe. With each and every shoot, I've been able to find my style and learn how to expertly help with flattering wardrobe options and posing. I've also learned how to make my clients comfortable so they could release their worries, let themselves go and have the absolute best time at their session. A bond forms between us and that allows them to experience the joy and confidence that comes with a Boudoir session. As I always say, it's much more than just pretty pictures!


Your Full Pro Experience Awaits...

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