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What Do I Wear To A Boudoir Photoshoot? Part 1 | Wilmington, NC Boudoir Photography

Of course, everyone thinks of lingerie when they think of Boudoir so we'll start there!

Lingerie typically comes in one piece or two piece varieties. No matter what style you choose, always look for a cheeky bottom or thong to really flatter your tush.

Bodysuits and Teddies

Personally, one piece items are my favorite because they're so elegantly sexy. One piece options are also great for tucking things in (for me, I like my belly covered).

These can be called bodysuits or teddies and are fitted to the body, come with different sleeve types and can also be made of velvet, leather, lace, and more! Lingerie in general is usually very stretchy so bodysuits can be versatile for all different sized busts and booties as well.

Another thing that's great about this style of lingerie is that it flatters all body types. Most of the styles you see above also do not have a defined underwire for the chi chis so they can stretch to fit smaller or larger busts.

Matching Sets

Matching sets have 2 pieces (sometimes more if they have leg garters, belts, etc) and come in so many cuts and styles as well so it all will depend on what you're looking to accentuate. Let's talk about the tummy again since this is an area of concern for many women.

For lower belly pooch, or FUPA, I'd suggest high waisted options or wider garter belts to go with your set. If you want to show off your belly, I'd go with strappy styles and lower cut bottoms.

Smaller busts would look great in halter styles or triangle shaped cups, and larger busts look amazing with underwire styles.


The best way to get guidance for your specific body type and wants/needs is to take advantage of the personalized wardrobe assistance that I provide as part of your full service Boudoir experience.

You can always send screenshots of items you're considering and I can also send you a custom Pinterest board of specific styles and colors that suit you. Many of my clients will do this when they have no idea where to start

Which Lingerie Style Do You Prefer?

  • 0%One Piece Bodysuit

  • 0%Two Piece Matching Set

You can vote for more than one answer.


To Get Personalized Styling Assistance, Let's Talk!

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