Welcome to A New Adventure

Brand Ambassador Requirements & Perks

What are my Ambassador duties?

  • Commit to a minimum of 3 photographic sessions in your 6 month term

    • These can be group or individual sessions. Sessions will be styled at photographer's discretion. We will also be doing group shots with all the ambassadors and some with other women from our group. They will all be announced to ambassadors so you can decide which you’d like to participate in.

  • Post Popoca Boudoir photos, info, fb group info to your social media at least once bi-weekly. 

    • You can share posts from the Popoca Boudoir facebook page, write your own posts using your photos, or share your experience with links to the group or Popoca Boudoir social media

  • Post on Popoca Boudoir social media pages (fb & Instagram) a minimum of once weekly

    • This includes interacting or replying on posts from others or posting your own comments. 

  • Post to VIP facebook group a minimum of once weekly according to outlined content guidelines

    • You can post anything that you think fits our group. This can be health/beauty advice, funny videos/memes/gifs, self care, women empowerment, outfit Inspiration, deals for lingerie

  • Share photographic services, group and info via word of mouth opportunities

    • We never want to be pushy in any of our posts or social interactions regarding our brand. Nobody likes to be sold to. But just talking about your experience if an opportunity arises and answering any questions that may come up. Then if they inquire further, pass along our contact info for them to reach out with the incentive of $100 product credit for them if they book and mention your name. 

  • Write 2 blog posts for our website, including photos

    • Your post can include photos from our sessions or your own personal photos that relate to your topic. Post topics can be anything you think would be helpful for other women or even personal stories. If you need help with ideas, I'll be sending 

  • Be a part of Popoca Boudoir marketing 

    • This includes videos for promotion, testimonials, behind the scenes, social media, etc. If you've had a session, we will create a testimonial video about your experience. We will be shooting a lot of photo and video during out shoots to share for marketing purposes.

What are my Ambassador perks?

  • A swag bag with fun stuff and branded apparel to show off your badassery!

  • 1 free individual session styled by photographer that includes makeup application.

  • Up to 2 free group shoots with other BAs and VIP group members. These shoots may be themed or in special locations.

  • A minimum of 3 retouched images from each session.

  • For each new client you refer, you have your choice of $50 cash or $150 in Popoca Boudoir credit. Credit can be used for additional images or products from any of our sessions or you can build them towards products at a future paid session with us.

  • 50% discount on a la carte items from our Ambassador sessions. This can be combined with your credits so the more referrals you get, the more free stuff you can get, too! 

  • You can earn extra credits if you decide to post more than is required and really get our group active! 

  • Possible spontaneous sessions throughout term for portfolio samples.

  • Makeup lesson ($100) to learn how to apply photo ready makeup and lashes. This is required or you can hire one of our artists for individual sessions.

  • A mobile app with the retouched images chosen by the photographer from each shoot to share with friends and prospective ladies.