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One on one sessions with vanessa

Nice to Meet You!

Over the last 16 years, I've worked for many photographers and studios in all different genres. It took a lot of tough love and figuring out what I did and didn't want to do when it came to running my own business one day.

As you're probably noticing, starting a business is REALLY EFFING hard. And keeping it going will have a lot of ups and downs no matter how successful you get.

My goal is to assess where you're currently at and help save you time on what your next steps should be. I also offer up some favorite resources I've used for each level that helped tremendously as I enhanced my skills and built my business.

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After booking a service, you will receive a questionnaire so I can learn more about your skill level and customize a session based on what you want to learn about. Your time with me will be maximized so you leave with a wealth of information to help reach your goals.

It's impossible to learn EVERYTHING in one session, so meetings will also end with a customized plan containing recommended next steps for your photography journey.


I will also follow up with resources I've used that were most beneficial according to where you're currently at after our meeting.

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